From Telecommunications, CNI to retail 247 supply and install bespoke security solutions for gates and barriers. Our comprehensive range gates and barriers offer both means of entry and exit to a facility and include bespoke locksets from MICO Tindall and Surelock McGill.

If you would like to some examples of our high security and aesthetically pleasing durable doorsets please see our gallery.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Service

The continuous use that a security gate receives, means that it can require repair or regular maintenance to ensure it still functions correctly and safely.

Our extensive specialist Planned Preventative Maintenance Service will restore the reliability of your security gates, re-instating the smooth positive action and attack resistance for which the product was designed (even if we did not supply and install the original gate)!

Why Choose 247 National to Repair and Maintain Your Security Gates and Barriers?

- We are experienced in what we do, having successfully worked with and completed a multitude of projects for various UK based organizations.

- We work with and listen to our customers’ in order to gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements before, during and after the project.

- We use the best manufactures available so you can be assured that your gates and barriers will exceed your expectations.

- We have specialist engineers and subcontractors on hand, enabling a fast and effective first-time fix in most cases.

If you have a problem with your security locking system or the security gate, then get in touch to arrange a call out from our team of specialist engineers by calling the 24hr telephone number or by filling in our contact form below:








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